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We love hearing your experience with us! And so do potential customers. If you've purchased a puppy from us please submit a testimonial!

Please email it to us at along with a picture of your fur baby(s)!


Kaila with K and K Chihuahuas is one most ethical and dedicated breeders you will find! She is not just breeding dogs, but beautiful, loving, sweet natured and healthy Chi family members! Roman is the perfect addition to our family and we could not love him more. He has the sweetest temperament and he is a gorgeous boy! Kaila’s love and knowledge of Chihuahuas is evident and when you meet her own personal pack of dogs it becomes even more apparent. She is always there to answer questions, give helpful advice and checks in on Roman frequently. We couldn't ask for more! We will be forever thankful to K and K Chihuahuas for our newest family member

Amber, Ohio


We absolutely adore our K and K pup, Achilles. He is the sweetest boy. I had been following K and K for a bit and when I saw she had puppies come available, I reached out after unexpectedly losing one of my dogs. Kaila was very thorough and responsive, grooming me as much I did her about her dogs and program. I love that she vets potential homes to make sure it’s a right fit for both you and the puppy. Once we reserved Achilles, I received a ton of updates and videos until he came home. Communication with Kaila was always fantastic! I would not hesitate to get another K and K baby!

Julie, Pennsylvania 


So I have a black and white long haired female that I got from you. She was three last September 27. Her mom was a short haired brown and white and I have forgot her name. I named my fur baby Jasmine and I think you had been calling her Chloe. She is the best. She is funny and full of life. She just runs and runs and gets her toys out when my older dogs won’t play. She has a nice thick long coat. We just love her to pieces.

Nancy, Wyoming


Beatrice Louise is now 14 weeks old and is the happiest, most fun little girl ever.  K and K was absolutely amazing to work with.  Kaila is the sweetest and most informative.  She made us feel like we were part of our babies development upon reservation.  I was comfortable talking, emailing and texting her all the way through the process.  She had answers for all of our questions and always willing to assist even after we picked her up and brought her home.  We were so worried about Bea’s adjustment to our home and to us just because we haven’t had a puppy in years.  She owned our home and our hearts instantly upon arrival and adjusted quickly.  We love her and we love K and K.  We will always highly recommend them and know you will be thrilled with your choice to use them!

Frank, Indiana


I was looking for over a year for the perfect Long hair male Chihuahua and I was being very picky. I came across Kaila with "Kandk Chihuahua's" last year and seen the perfect male he was what I was looking for but, sadly he was reserved..I continued to follow her page and by my surprise this little man came available..I couldn't message her fast enough. She ask all the right questions and I could tell she really care about your dogs and puppies and wanted to make sure they went to the right homes. I was so excited when she pick me to home this beautiful boy. I have had Enzo for alittle over and year, now and couldn't be any happy how he has turned out..He has the best personality and loves everyone he meets. He ended up with the most gorgeous double coat that I could of ever imagined. Kaila continues to message me every other month to check in on Enzo and I. When I have questions she has always responds promptly and has always been there for any kind of support.
I couldn't ask for a better Breeder.

Gina, Indiana


I started talking to Kaila years ago, I got on her wait list many years ago waiting for that perfect pup. We finally agreed on the perfect long coated blue girl. Awi is almost 6 months old now. She’s the most spunky, full of attitude chihuahua. We have been building drive in her and she’s currently working toward parkour, lure coursing, weight pull and nosework titles. Kaila was great to work with. She answered all the questions we had and continues to help us along. I’d recommend her and plan to get another in the future.

Erin, Pennsylvania 


I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Kayla. 

I highly respect her, easy to deal with answers all questions And helped me get my “flying mop” Eve. She’s been a great addition to our home Amd would recommended her to any one. 


Robyn, Alberta, Canada


I would like to thank Kaila for our gorgeous boy Jackson. Kaila is the sweetest and nicest person too work with. I would definitely buy another puppy from her and I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed. My husband and I are so in love with Jackson. He has the best temperament and is an absolute character! His nickname is jumping Jack and has mastered jumping on the couch at 5 months old and is now almost 6 months. 

Treasa, Oregon


I was in search of a Merle pup and I had been waiting for over a year.  I was on a waitlist with another breeder.  That fell through because I was holding out for a female Merle.  After passing on a few females that were not merles I found out that I was moved to the bottom of the waitlist, which I did not understand would happen, and my wait would be even longer maybe even another year so I decided to go on a search.  I found K and K and started talking to Kaila.  I filled out an application and got on the waitlist.  Within months there was a male Merle available and I went for it.   I was hesitant because my dream was a female but Kaila reassured me it would be fine.   I asked questions and she gave me honest answers.   In May 2020 I drove to Michigan from West Virginia and picked up Ozzy.  He fit right in from day 1.  He is a sweet boy, very smart and he is a big pal of my shorty Jack Russell.   They are inseparable.   I highly recommend K and K.  Her dogs are awesome and beautiful!  


Luanna, West Virginia 


It was such a pleasure to work with Kaila and K and K Chihuahuas. Throughout the entire process Kaila was quick to respond to my questions regarding the proper fit for my family.  Once we chose our pup, she was constantly sharing pictures and videos of my pup and his growth.  It was so great to get to see pictures of my pup growing while we waited for him to join our family.  We didn't just get one picture it would be multiple. Such a great thing to have offered while we waited for our new puppy. You can tell the care she puts into breeding healthy loving dogs.  We love our Oliver so much we can't wait to get another K and K Chihuahua! 

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