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How To Purchase


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to view this page! Here you will find the answer to most of your questions.



If interested in one of our pups, we always ask that an application be submitted. This is absolutely necessary, and a deposit cannot be placed without one. This helps us get to know the new owners better and know what kind of home will be provided for our pups. We only want the best for our babies! When submitting an application, please take the time and effort into writing your application. Long, detailed applications show us how serious you are and make us more comfortable with a placement. One liners don’t show effort or interest and are typically declined. We have the right to refuse any home we aren’t comfortable with.

Once an application is approved, a deposit can be placed. A pup can only be held for 24 hours without a deposit. We have other people waiting and will not hold pups any longer than that. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE unless the pup were to die in our care. Deposits are transferrable for only one transfer. Anymore transfers and a new deposit will have to be placed. A deposit will hold your puppy until the puppy is ready to leave our care. The remaining balance for your puppy will be due in cash at pick up. If your puppy is being shipped, the final payment will be due a week before your pup is scheduled to leave. We accept PayPal or Venmo for deposits. All pups are typically ready at 9-10 weeks of age. We don’t typically hold pups longer, but that can be arranged under certain circumstances.

For puppy pickups, we do allow people to come to our home. If you are driving in from far away, we do offer to meet up to an hour away. If you are flying in, we will meet you at our local airport for no additional fee. If you are needing your puppy shipped, we do offer shipping with a puppy nanny. This is typically an additional $550-$650 at the buyer’s expense. Nannies wont always come to our local airport. If we must meet the nanny in Chicago, we charge $75.00 for gas. When using a puppy nanny, we ask that you be patient. All nannies fly stand-by and can’t always make a flight. We ask that you have the next day open or someone else on stand-by to get your new puppy in case there are any delays.

All our pups come home with at least their first vaccination and fully dewormed. All pups are vet checked before they leave our care. If anything arises during their examination, the new owner will be made aware. If you choose to proceed with your puppy, we are no longer responsible once the puppy leaves our care. If you wish to switch to a different puppy, then you may choose from who we have available or wait until our next litter. All pups come with a contract that must be signed before the pup leave our care. Our health guarantee is attached to it as well. All pups also leave with health insurance that the new owner will have 24 hours before, or after getting their pup to activate. If you choose not to activate your puppy insurance, we are not responsible for covering any emergency or medical bills for your puppy. Our puppy insurance is through Trupanion. Anyone is welcome to visit their website or call them with any questions they may have.

ALL pups come with a health folder containing all vaccination and worming records and any other medical information/vet records. Pups also come with a sample of puppy food, a blanket, and toys.

All our pups come from health tested parents. All adults are health tested through Embark, and all are OFA certified for heart and patella’s. We are also happy to say we are part of the H.E.A.R.T program through AKC! All our chihuahuas are AKC registered. All pups come with AKC registration

When pricing pups, there are many factors to take into consideration. Quality comes first, but size and color also play a factor. Our pups also come from health tested lines. Health testing and assuring we are producing only the best pups is very expensive. Caring for pups the first 9 weeks of life is also very expensive. When purchasing a pup, their price includes and vaccines, worming, vet visits, food, transport, and anything else they may require. Our prices can be anywhere from $2500.00 to $5500.00 and a deposit to hold your pup is $1000.00. Sometimes we do have less expensive pups.


When retiring adults, we do not ask a rehoming fee unless stated otherwise. We just want a perfect forever home for them to live the rest of their long lives in. We just ask that they be spayed/neutered and have a dental done. Or, we can have the spay and dental done for a rehoming fee to cover the cost of those. We do NOT ship our adults. You must be able to drive and pick them up. Adults don’t always work out in their new homes and sometimes need to be returned. And puppy or adult is always welcome back into our care. Young adults that didn’t grow big enough or maybe developed a flaw we do ask smaller rehoming fees for. We will ship younger adults depending on if we feel they would do alright.

When bringing home a new puppy or adult, we ask that you please be patient with them. Some take longer to adjust than others. Pups typically adjust within a few days, but adults can take several months to adjust to a new home. When adults try to adjust, their behavior will change. They are scared and may snap or bite if they are cornered or scared. This is all completely normal behavior, and it will subside once they adjust. A new home cannot give up on a new dog/puppy after a couple of weeks just because they won’t adjust. You need to put yourself in their shoes and understand they are scared, and it will take time. But regardless, and puppy or adult is welcomed back into our care. You MUST give us first pick back if you no longer want your dog/puppy.

We are very hands on and very involved with our customers. When buying a puppy from us, you become family! We are always here 24/7 to answer and questions you have or help out in any way possible! Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us.

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