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Before submitting an application please visit our "How to purchase a puppy page"

When submitting an application please take the time to submit a full application and tell 

us about your home and family. One liners or short applications will not be accepted.

We ask these questions to assure our pups are getting the best homes possible. So please

be thorough with your application. Thorough applications show us how interested and 

serious you are! ALL questions are required to be answered.

We do require a $25.00, non-refundable fee to submit an application.


To submit an application, please copy and paste the application to an email and fill out then. 

Email your application to and please use the same email to send for $25.00 application fee through Venmo or PayPal



Please tell us your first and last name along with your significant others first and last name


 Please include your full address and full email address


 Please provide a phone number and any alternative phone number if available


 Have you reviewed our How To Purchase page? This page is full of information and is very important. Have you reviewed our prices as well? If not, please read before submitting an application



 Please tell us why you are interested in buying a puppy. Buying a puppy is a very big step and always needs to be taken seriously.



 What puppy are you interested in? Or if unborn yet, is there a specific coat, color, or gender you are looking for?



 Please tell us what kind of home would be provided for the puppy. Please tell us about you, your spouse, and kids, or any other pets in your family. We want to make sure our babies are in the hands of people who are experienced and around other animals that are safe.


 Are you able to provide vet expenses for a puppy? Vet visits along with any emergency visits can be very expensive. We send all of our pups home with insurance, but if you choose not to activate it we want you to be prepared!


Please list who your veterinary clinic is 


 Are you allowed to have pets where you live? If you are in an apartment or renting a home, we want to make sure you are allowed to have your new puppy.


 Are you wanting to breed or just a pet home? Please always be honest with this question. We do allow Full AKC on some of our pups if we feel they are fit for breeding. All pet homes will have a spay/neuter contract to sign. If wanting to breed, please provide references.


 Are you willing to sign any contract that comes with the puppy? This is very important and absolutely necessary if you'd like to purchase a pup from us.


 We always ask that the buyer stay in contact with us. We love watching our babies grow! Are you 

willing to stay in contact with us?


 If you have contacted any other breeders about purchasing one of their pups please inform us! We do not want to get in the way of another breeders sale.


 If you have purchased any of your current chihuahuas from a breeder please tell us who the breeder is


 Will you need your puppy shipped or will you be flying/driving? Puppy nanny's are an additional $400.00 - $550.00 depending on your location



 Are you experienced with this breed? Are you aware chihuahuas fontanelles sometimes don't close? This is 100% normal and does NOT mean your puppy has any health issues 


How did you hear about us?


Are you okay with the $25.00 processing fee for the application?


Please before reaching out and going through this process, make sure everyone in your household is in agreement of a new fur baby.


We have long wait lists for our pups. We don't always have what everyone wants or we may not have a pup available for you for a while depending where you are on the list. Are you willing to be patient on our list? If you find a pup before w have one for you we just ask that you email us and let us know so we can remove your name from our list. 

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